About the Book

In recent years growing numbers of investors have been joining the community interested in not only generating financial returns but also creating positive social and environmental value in the world. The ImpactAssets Handbook for Investors offers an introductory overview for those interested in investing their capital in a sustainable, responsible and impactful manner.


The handbook offers insights and approaches to developing strategy as well as an understanding of the issues and considerations of impact investors in practice. In addition to discussions of portfolio structure and strategy, the handbook offers an overview of due diligence necessary to assess potential investments, a discussion of communications and performance measurement issues and other factors key to managing capital for multiple returns.


With contributions from some of the field’s leading experts in impact investing, The ImpactAssets Handbook for Investors will provide the reader with both broad advice and specific guidance on how to become best positioned to engage in impact investing as an asset owner, both large and small. While not an “answer book,” the handbook offers practical insights and presents critical questions every investor should consider in creating an investment strategy and executing the deployment of investment capital.


Readership: This handbook will be of interest to current impact investors looking to sharpen their approach, as well as new investors interested in receiving an orientation to impact investing strategies.


“A much-needed guide for investors seeking to both understand the impact investing landscape and engage their own portfolios for impact. Full of examples and resources to provide guidance and insight along the journey.”

—Ron D. Cordes, Co-founder, Cordes Foundation


“For investors who are serious about tackling social and environment issues, and considering making impact investments, this book is highly recommended. It is grounded in practical information, pragmatic advice and persuasive examples. Jed challenges traditional thinking, debunks myths and misperceptions about this powerful model of social change and makes impact investing accessible to an ever-widening circle of investors determined to change the world.”

—Amit Bouri, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Global Impact Investing Network